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Social media has provided businesses with the opportunity to reach out to consumer bases and build meaningful relationships to create brand loyalty.

Maximise your Social Media in Wollongong

Engage Online is a digital marketing agency based in Wollongong. Engage Online Wollongong takes a unique approach and will go to great lengths to change social media sites into avenues of revenue and client retention for your business. We understand the nuances and intricacies of social media and how to utilize it in the most beneficial manner for you. We have managed countless marketing campaigns that included social media efforts.

Social Media Marketing Benefits in Wollongong

Social media provides a forum for communication between a company and its clients. Common techniques include advertising new sales, products, or services. Others may fortify your online presence by using viral material to get people talking about the company. And when people are talking about your company, they are far more likely to visit your website and make new purchases.

We are one of the best Social Media  Marketing Agencies in Wollongong

The team at Engage Online Wollongong will work to build a long term partnership with you. Our knowledgeable project managers will work with you to understand your businesses needs and then custom tailor the best strategy for you to maximize your return on investment. The website design team and the marketing team will build your website and provide amazing support as you launch and grow.

Our high rates of client retention and client satisfaction provide us with pride in our work. People who’ve been burned by other website design and search engine optimization firms find us to be a deep breath of fresh air. We understand that we are only successful if we can make our clients successful.

Contact us today to begin your journey with our team. You will find that when you unite with us, your full satisfaction is guaranteed.

About Us

+10 years Experience Over 70 active clients Aussie Owned/Operated Based in Wollongong

We have a proven track record with social media marketing in Wollongong. And while it is becoming a more and more popular marketing strategy, we keep our eye on the larger picture. We want to see your online profile through sustained growth and expansion as opposed to a few quick gimmicks that temporarily elevate your status before quickly fading out of user’s minds. Too often, companies will develop a singular, but creative, piece of social media content which garners them fifteen seconds of fame but fails to produce anything else of interest and loses those would-be clients. Our approach to your social media campaign will engage your audience in a variety of manners. This includes posting content, like photographs, videos, graphics, etc. and conducting polls, surveys, and question-based forums to gather a snapshot of your market’s attitude.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

What is social media advertising?
Most companies consider social media to be one of the prominent marketing channels available to them (whether or not they use it or use it well). That’s because social media platforms have massive, diverse audiences that log on every day, representing a potentially massive audience for your company’s advertising efforts, too.

Most people care social media around in their pocket.

Whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, companies can build their audience organically, through brand awareness and earned customer demand. Additionally, they can use social media ads to target specific audiences and demographics on those platforms with the hope of driving conversions of some sort. Maybe to download a specific marketing ebook or purchase shoes from an e-commerce shop. Typically, the goal is to drive leads and purchases, though there are certainly other possible social media objectives.

Why is social media marketing important in my digital marketing campaign?

There are many different ways that prospects, partners, and existing customers can find you. Chances are, those people interact on one social media network or another every single day. This represents a significant marketing channel that can not only be used to drive leads and conversions but to build brand awareness, keep the pulse on customer sentiment, and participate in the customer conversation. The trick is to find the right channels and audiences for your business that stand to deliver the greatest ROI—both for you and your customer.

This is where a social media marketing agency comes in.


What kind of results can I expect from your social media agency?

Social media advertising goes far beyond simply crafting and paying for ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While this is certainly part of it, a social media advertising agency will take a comprehensive look at your mix of channels, existing social media efforts, and craft a tailored strategy—including projected outcomes. And they’ll do it based on your budget.

Yet, agencies will help maximize ROI by providing additional services related to social media strategy, too:

  • Monitor analytics and reporting to make data-driven optimizations
  • Perform sentiment analysis, community management, and channel optimization
  • A/B testing to make sure the highest converting ad is always the one running
  • Utilize programmatic display advertising software to automatically choose the right timing and audience for ads
  • Target audiences that also look at your competitors to gain some of that market share
  • Introduce new “ripples” like expandable ads, video carousels, and
How much would it cost?

The cost of a social media advertising program will vary depending on a lot of variables, including industry vertical, in-house versus outsourced, and the desired outcomes of the program. The platforms themselves charge cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM). These costs are algorithmically updated—on a continual basis—to factor in competition, demand, and other factors. So, companies can set a budget for a given campaign and launch an ad knowing that the campaign will stop once a certain threshold is reached.

Though impressions and clicks are certainly nice—and a step closer to paydirt than simple likes and follows—it is conversions that most companies should be after. What percentage of impressions lead to clicks, clicks to conversions? Beyond delivering the desired outcome (leads and sales, more often than not), conversion rates on social media ad campaigns can help companies determine ROI and arrive at more accurate cost figures.

I have not worked on my social media channels for a while, can you revive it?

Most likely, yes! As a leading social media advertising company, we come across this problem often. Companies just don’t have the time, resources, or know-how to get their social media channels off the ground.

That’s why our first step is to complete a thorough audit of your existing channels, including available analytics, past campaigns, what’s working, and what’s not. We’ll also take a deep-dive look at what you’d like to achieve with social media. Drive traffic to a physical storefront? Generate more leads? Maybe you’re not sure what would be a realistic objective for your social media channels.

Our team of experts can help you sort it all out and finally get results.

What are the main advantages of engaging in a social media marketing campaign?

Social Media Marketing is now an essential tool for any business which is looking to gain an advantage over their competitors, without wasting a lot of time, money or resources.

The ratio between visitors coming to your website (traffic) and the amount of people who actually perform a desired ‘goal’ activity (like filling in a contact form, adding an item to their shopping cart, completing a poll, etc.) is known as your ‘conversion rate’;

If you take the time to carefully monitor your conversion rate before and after implementing a Twitter feed on your website, there is a very good likelihood that you’ll spot a noticeable percentage increase within a relatively short space of time.

One of the main reasons why Twitter feeds can have such a massive impact on your site stats is the simple fact that a frequently-updated stream of content demonstrates that your brand is active, professional and ‘switched-on’ to the demands of its potential customers.

Gaining exposure, brand recognition and repeat visits

Users who follow your business using social media applications will be exposed to your brand in an environment which they feel perfectly at home in: They’ll receive news about your business right next to updates from their friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else within their social circle.

By engaging with your users via social media, you’ll have a chance to promote your products and services in a manner which is not as ‘in your face’ as most other forms of advertising.

Making the competition ‘eat your dust’

An increasing number of brands now use social media technologies as part of their push to win more business and capture the attention of a wider audience.

Regardless of whether or not you think a social media campaign is worthwhile, consider the following points:

A large percentage of your potential customers are likely to use social networks.

If you don’t use social networks or fail to engage with your audience on a regular basis, your brand image will be diminished in the eyes of many potential clients.

Whilst some of your more formidable competitors may be using social media marketing in an effective manner already, you can bet that there will be plenty of others who are not exactly using their online presence to its fullest potential: yet!

Seize this opportunity to gain a new, more engaged audience and act swiftly to:

Get ahead of your weaker competitors

Gain a firm foothold as you rise towards the top

With a professionally-executed campaign, you’ll be in a great position to work on toppling your main rivals from their lofty positions as you move closer towards pole position.

Increasing your influence online

If you are able to build a loyal following across various social networks, you now have the perfect platform to market new products and services to people who are already more likely to actually invest in your brand!

Social media can generate a real word-of-mouth ‘buzz’ about your brand.

Adding posts to your social media accounts is free! (Unlike most online forms of advertising, or traditional methods, like printed media, radio or TV ads).

Building trust

By harnessing the power of social media marketing and providing quality information to your audience, you’ll be able to build more trust in your brand.

Any content which is useful, informative or entertaining will go a long way towards boosting your credentials.

Directing more traffic your way

Social networks can bring more clicks to your website: Plain and simple.

But did you know that they can also improve your rankings within the search engines?

Boosting your search engine rankings

By harnessing the power of social media marketing and providing quality information to your audience, you’ll be able to build more trust in your brand.

Any content which is useful, informative or entertaining will go a long way towards boosting your credentials.

Why should I outsource my social media marketing campaign?

A successful social media campaign can only exist if you stay up-to-date and focus your attention on the finer details of engaging in this form of marketing:

You’ll need to make multiple posts every business day to achieve the best results.

You will also need to upload unique images each week and make sure that they are tagged appropriately, for each of your social network accounts.

Your FaceBook pages will need to be customised and maintained to look at their best.

Data will need to be analysed to determine how to optimise each of your social media accounts for the hardest-hitting impact.

Many smaller details will also need to be checked on a frequent basis, to maintain a professional presence online.

Why should I consider using FaceBook as part of my online marketing strategy?

FaceBook is a massive brand which can unleash huge potential for your website.

By tapping this mammoth resource and carving a name for yourself in FaceBook, it is possible to generate interest in your brand, find a new audience and give your potential customers plenty of relevant material which they can use, share and enjoy.

Each day, more and more users search FaceBook to find businesses and information which matters to them: This trend cannot be ignored if you wish to stay ahead of your competition.

You could also expect see an increase in your rankings, if you invest in a FaceBook marketing campaign: Google and the other big search engines now actively look for FaceBook activity and include it in their advanced algorithms.

Whilst we recommend embedding a Twitter feed into your website (for Search Engine Optimisation reasons), it is still worth posting images and content onto both FaceBook and Twitter separately for maximum impact.

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