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At Engage Online, we tightly weave our search engine optimisation work to exceed our clients’ goals. We innovate constantly, operate transparently, and build lasting results.

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92% of Australian browser homepage is a search engine, and that is where your prospective customers start when they want to purchase a product or hire a service provider. Engage Online will fully handle your SEO campaign including making technical adjustments in site code, writing copy, building links, getting press coverage, and ultimately dramatically increasing your profitability. We have a 98% client retention rate because going above and beyond for our SEO clients is built right into our DNA.


We custom build high-return paid traffic campaigns for each client. With our cutting edge proprietary techniques lead us to be one of the most recommended PPC companies in Shellharbour

SEO Marketing Company Shellharbour

We are one of the Best in SEO in Shellharbour

Whether you do a search for “Shellharbour seo”, “Shellharbour web design”, “Shellharbour adwords”, or a variety of other highly competitive terms in our industry you will find that we completely dominate our competitors at our own game. Further, you will see we are the top rated marketing agency.


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What We Do

Engage Online also offers a variety of vital support services: if you need a Shellharbour SEO or PPC campaign, our team of experienced professionals offers the best possible strategies.

From a first site to full fledged e-commerce business, no one is better prepared to assist you than us.

Our SEO Approach


Keyword Research

The foundation of any good SEO campaign is choosing the right keywords. We help you find the terms your potential customers are using, and make sure they have the right balance of potential traffic and competition.


On-page Optimisation

We custom build high-return paid traffic campaigns for each client. With our cutting edge proprietary techniques lead us to be one of the most recommended PPC companies in Wollongong


Content Creation

Creating good quality, relevant content for your site is important for your customers and the search engines. We can help you create content that is relevant for your key search terms, and converts the visitors to your site.


Google Optimisation

If you want to rank for searches in your local area, a properly optimised Google business listing is essential. We can ensure your listing is set up properly, verified and optimised, and show you how to make the most of this social platform.

Why Local Businesses Need SEO?

Whatever your business and your presence on the Internet, and no matter whether you’re selling on a local, national, or even global level, if you want it to succeed, Search Engine Optimisation needs to be as important a part of your marketing efforts as everything else you do. But, as a specialist  SEO company, we understand that getting SEO right can be hard, with the major search engines moving the goalposts all the time – and if you get it wrong, you could end up doing more harm than good. This is where we can help, by offering the kind of digital marketing and SEO services businesses are looking for.


More and more people are using search engines like Google to find the products and services they want to buy – you’re probably looking for help with your digital marketing from an SEO service in London, and searched for London SEO services, or something similar, in order to get to this webpage. So if you’re selling products and services online, it’s important that your website appears as high up the search results as possible.

As a results-focused SEO services company, we help organisations in NSW and surrounding areas generate more business and customers online. As a leading Digital Marketing company and SEO agency, our strategies improve organic rankings and traffic from the search engines.


1. What is the best position to occupy on search engines?

# 1 is the best position; keywords will have to work its way up steadily towards it. Some 42% searchers choose the first organic listing as compared to about 12% selecting number two. The traffic for # 1 is about four times that of #2 and 10 times the traffic of #5 ranking. The higher you rank on the results the more traffic you experience. There are several ways to achieve this position.


2. How long will it take for SEO efforts to take effect?

You will see visible improvements in 30-45 days and firm positioning in three months; generally keywords stabilise in about six months and achieve its best position in around 12 months. Competitiveness of keywords in the online space is the main component for achieving rankings.


3. Do you guarantee top ranks in any engine?

Google is undoubtedly the preferred search engine with nearly 80% of the market share and the ideal position is the first page to attract 90% of all the traffic. We guarantee an increase in your rankings and an increase in your organic traffic. You will receive monthly rankings report in which you can verify this. Various strategies are put in place to achieve top rankings for more competitive keywords. Additionally when closely guarded secret search engine algorithms change rules - as it happens from time to time, understanding and working around the new rules might delay results.


4. Is SEO the only source of traffic to a website?

Far from it, search engine results are only one part of a large and complex equation. There are numerous other ways to drive traffic to a website, many of them free, some paid, some highly effective and others not so effective. At Engage Online, our SEO consultant will work with you one-on-one. We will prepare a list of recommendations after a thorough analysis of the website is undertaken. This will combine a mix of search engine positioning and strategies to generate traffic to the website to match your niche and industry profile.


5. Can we learn and perform our own SEO?

SEO involves skilled practitioners with several years of experience. An entire team of programmers, writers and marketing personnel gets to work on each assignment. Considering this is a process that takes at least a year to accomplish; leaving it to professionals who make a living from SEO will be the right decision.

6. How do search engines look at SEO practitioners?

Google provides a number of SEO tools and offers good advice. SEO providers work with Google actively and purchase PPC ads for clients. Performing SEO on a website for prominence in rankings is a legitimate method of marketing.

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Engage Online is a company with our head office located in the beautiful city of Wollongong. Engage Online proudly works with a wide range of businesses, bringing diverse challenges and solutions.

Our fully-loaded digital agency began as many of the best things do: across a sticky pub table. We started life with a mission: to offer the best of traditional web design blended with real commercial insight.

We are one of the few Australian Digital Agencies which operates with business acumen at its core, offering real value and measurable results to discerning clients who wanted both style and substance for their online business.

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