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The world is changing faster than ever – as are the skills students will need to be life-ready by the time they graduate. With affordable and easy to manage technology that transforms classroom time, educators can focus on delivering personalised learning experiences that help enable better learning outcomes.

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Digitising Course Education

Effective learning comes down to how the information is presented as combination of written text, spoken words, and visuals. With recent shifts toward remote learning, many institutions are looking for methods to remain relevant and accessible to as many students as possible. Converting learning materials into the digital format is an excellent way to stay ahead of the curve and cater to changing attitudes toward conventional learning.

3D printing for schools/students

3D printing is an emerging market that presents the opportunity to deliver STEM principles in an engaging and creative way to students of all ages.When participating in 3D printing, students improve their understanding of programming in a palpable way, and develop their skills in problem-solving and lateral thinking. We offer an out-of-the-box solution that enables classrooms a simple, affordable and accessible way to print in 3D.

Hyper-realistic Photogrammetry

Various challenges to practical delivery of education can stifle students’ ability to access core components of their learning. Overcome these roadblocks to successful completion of study by photogrammetising models and have them preserved perpetually. An exciting advantage of anatomical photogrammetry is the level of detail that the digital format enables. Students can observe not only the exterior of an organ, but also cross-sections and individual components within the organ.

Automated communications

Sign up students, speak with parents, recruit teachers, all the way you want through automated proceses and flows. Students and staff are the lifeblood of any educational institution. Recruitment and retention can both be time-consuming for organisations, with human error accounting for a large proportion of acquisition plot holes. With repetitive tasks automated, attention can be better focused to the human element of human resources and student services.

COVID and Online Education

The COVID-19 Crisis has seen Schools and Universities invest in technology to improve their educational operations such as financial planning, course planning, student retention, and the effective process of delivery of information to students. Increasing adoption of advanced technology solution in the educational sector is expected to drive the education and learning analytics market.

Rise in demand for online courses and professional certifications is among the other factors expected to positively influence the demand for education and learning analytics.Online learning is becoming an essential part of the educational landscape.

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Nan Tien Institute

Student Sign Up Automations improves student numbers and dramatically cuts costs.

Macquarie University

Using digital marketing to rapidly increase patient volume for cutting-edge treatments.

Prescription Psychiatrists

Integrated technologies assists 150,000 people with mental health treatment.

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Advanced Photogrammetry Techniques

Nan Tien Institute Whilst administrations are inevitably subjectto financial constraints, public expectationsaround service provision and access tomedical advances grow ever higher, due tothe normalisation of digital technologies ineveryday life and a global news...

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