Case Study: Manufacturing

Business: Therma Truck

Established in 1970, Therma Truck is recognised as one of the finest builders of refrigerated truck bodies in Australia, supporting companies including Streets Ice Cream, Coles and Steggles.

Initial Situation:

Therma Truck was a strong brand with a 37-year reputation for being a industry leader in refrigerated transport in Australia. Unfortunately, as times changed, Therma Truck did not, and like many businesses fell behind as the dot-com boom began. With Therma Truck having an outdated website, branding from the 70’s and not having leveraged any previous internet marketing, Engage Online was brought in to assist in turning around the business.

The company’s goal was to establish itself online in a way that reflected its strong offline reputation from the decade prior. Relating to SEO, Therma Truck was ranking on page 1 for no key phrases, having very little website traffic and digital presence.

Strategy Overview:

Therma Truck allocated full responsibility to Engage Online of choosing where and how to focus marketing efforts. After careful analysis of goals, audience types and industry data. The subsequent strategy that was developed was to create and maintain a rapid-result SEO campaign relevant to the industry, followed by a comprehensive rebranding project and finally, a new website in 2018.

Engage Online commenced the project as a limited trial for 2 months, enabling the key stakeholders to review results first hand and understand how SEO impacts sales. The SEO campaign focused on products offered by the company followed by Australia wide geographical targeting for industry specific phrases that have low search volume but high conversion rates. After successfully delivering the data for the initial period, the campaign was quickly scaled to a proportion more suited to the companies goals and desired reach.


2 months:

• Organic website traffic increased by 47%
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 10 phrases up from 0
• Set up GMB and acquired first Google leads for entity
• Rebranding successfully completed and rolled out throughout organisation with exception to the websites development (2018).

4 months:

• Organic website traffic increased by 63%
• Overseas traffic reduced to 12% of total traffic
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 21 phrases
• Ranking 1st for 6 phrases
• Ranking top 3 for 9 phrases
• Month on month views is increasing at a rate of 17-21% (compounding)

“Engage Online came highly recommended to us and we can see why, Matt & the team continously provide great results, easy to read reports and work autonomously on strategies that are inline with [company] goals.”

Moe Sayed

General Manager, Therma Truck

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